Microsoft: Windows 7 Great For Games

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Do not fear Windows 7. Sure, the tests might show that Windows XP performs better, but Microsoft assures us all that the next version of their operation system will be "great for games".


So says Microsoft's VP of the Interactive Entertainment Business for the EMEA region, Chris Lewis, speaking to about the future of PC gaming.

"Windows 7 will be great for games, undoubtedly," he said. "It's all good news - it's even more robust, it's quicker relatively, and the early testing cycles are proving very promising overall.

"I think it'll be nothing but good news for PC gamers, but we'll have more to say on that later on this year"

Great news for nervous gamers everywhere, until you think about it. I mean, they wouldn't come out and say it wasn't good for games, would they?

Personally I've had few problems with things running in the beta version of Windows 7. I do miss Vista, if only because on Windows Vista you knew where you stood - hip-deep in mud. Yes, we'll call it mud, for the sake of the children.

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Eh, until MS drops this ridiculous multi-SKU bullshit for their Windows releases, I won't be buying any new Windows products. It's just insane.

Then again, I don't really game on PC anyways. The genres I like aren't anywhere near it.