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Microsoft Trying To Fix Dodgy Indie Ratings

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Trying To Fix Dodgy Indie Ratings

Microsoft's Xbox Live Indie Games Channel has been hit in recent weeks with some ratings manipulation, which is affecting how games are displayed (and as a result sold) on the service. Here's what the platform holder is doing about it.


"Starting today", reads a statement issued by Microsoft, "only users with Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions will be allowed to rate content on the website. By implementing this change, we believe our customers will experience more consistent ratings and a significantly reduced potential for abuse across the entire Xbox catalog. We have also investigated rolling back suspect votes, however, we determined it will not be possible to do this."


"In addition, we are investigating users who may have violated their user agreement during this series of events. Violating user agreements may result in actions up to and including banning from Xbox LIVE, removal of currently posted games, and loss of ability to post games in the future."

Whether this actually helps - and whether any culprits face any serious disciplinary action - remains to be seen. But hey, at least it's something.


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.... why not just disable ratings until you play the game?

It's not hard and heavy rocket science so wrapped up in it's own lingo and history that it's basically an impossible problem for any but the most learned of scientists.

It's a recommendation rating system for download only games.

The only reason this should exist is to let people who have played the game rate their experience on it between 1 and 5 stars, which factors in to whether or not other people will buy it based on those ratings.

People who have not bought it cannot rate it because they have no experience with it.

Not a difficult concept to understand AT ALL, and fixing it shouldn't even be something people can talk about because it shouldn't be broken to begin with.

Just... why are you so stupid, corporation that employs thousands of very smart people?