Microsoft, This Isn't Helping Win PC Gamers Over

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Perhaps realising it wasn't exactly popular with gamers as a standalone marketplace, Microsoft recently decided to shift Games for Windows over to That move has now taken place,'s gone about as well as you'd expect from Microsoft and PC gaming.


The image above is where you'll find now find PC gaming on Tucked away in a sub-menu, nestled between avatars and Xbox downloads. Click on it and you'll be taken to the new GFW marketplace. Where one of five featured games is the six year-old Age of Empires III.

For all its talk and intent on the subject, some days it really does feel like Microsoft just wants to wash its hands of PC gaming.



When pc gamers are bitching about Origin these days, that shows how much of a hold gfw has on the pc market.

What 2011 pc games are gfw? I assume batman will be? Some warhammer titles?