So Microsoft is doing pretty good in Japan. Not great, but good. Good enough to beat the PS3 last month. This is the Xbox 360 display at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. The banner in the front is an advertisement for an entertainment festival in Akihabara — it's a red herring, disregard. Back in August, the Xbox 360 sold out in this very store. If you've been to Akihabara, you know that this is a very large retailer. Lots of shoppers! So for Microsoft to sell out right here is a good sign, and it's great for the Xbox 360's reputation in Japan. This demo set-up is not. Well, no, the set-up is fine, it's the upkeep. But just as Microsoft starts to gain ground in Japan, an old friend rears its ugly head...


Hrm. Let's get a closer look. Over there, right about that price cut poster.

Hello, you. Out of all the demo kiosk consoles Microsoft needs working in Japan... Doubt this will catastrophically affect Xbox 360 sales in Japan. Microsoft will most likely sell lots of consoles this holiday season. (So will will Nintendo and Sony. Everyone wins!) AkibaヨドバシのXbox360売り場が散々な状態になっているぞ [はちま起稿]