Microsoft Game Studios sent out a survey on Achievements to its beta program invitees. There was an array of questions that included multiplayer achievements, user generated Achievements and what types of Achievements players liked.

There was also a mention of displaying a player's favorite Achievement on their Gamer card as well as non-gaming Achievements like "Film Buff: Watched 50 DVDs."

Sample questions:

21. How do you feel about Gamerscore? Check all that apply.
_ I like to gauge my game progress by Gamerscore
_ I like to compare my game progress against my friends by Gamerscore
_ I think Gamerscore is an unfair measure of my skill as a gamer
_ I like to see Gamerscore as a game in itself - the game of playing Xbox 360


51. If you could pick a favorite Achievement to display in your Gamer card or in the Xbox Dashboard, would you do so?
_ Yes
_ No (please explain briefly)
_ I don't pay attention to my gamer information.


51. How desirable are the following features?

(i) Providing user-game Achievements (e.g., ideas that users could submit and then see implemented via future game updates)

(k) Providing Achievements for non-gaming uses of your Xbox 360 (e.g., "The Film Buff: You've watched 50 DVDs")


We're throw the ball in your court. Opinions, thoughts on these survey questions welcomed.


Thanks to The Heape for the tip and incredible MS Paint skills!