Microsoft Starting E3 Presser Five Minutes Early!

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Later today, Microsoft is kicking off its E3 press conference at 10:30am PDT. No, make that 10:25am. The reason: "A special surprise."

Spike TV host Geoff Keighley tweets, "Xbox just moved up its briefing start to 10:25 am tomorrow due to a very special last-minute surprise." Starting five minutes early, huh.

We're thinking that could mean one of two things:

1. Starting five minutes early means there will be a last minute new game announcement or a new trailer. (Though he seems to offer this hint: "For those of you asking, my sources say the opening is musical in nature.")


2. Staring five minutes early means the press conference will actually start on time — 10:30am.

Whichever! We'll be there. With bells on. Be sure to check back for our live blog later this morning.

Geoff Keighley [Twitter]

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It's 5:05AM where I am... t-Minus 7 and 20 minutes till Microsoft's press conference starts and Howard Stern just went live while I get ready to enjoy a good 5-6 hours of sleep... and It's official... I HAVE E3 FEVER!!!!!! It is times like these that the EXTREME nerd in me is breaking free the chains of social conformity and partying hard!