Microsoft, Sony, And Nintendo Team Up To Promote Safer Gaming

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Image: Nintendo / Sony / Xbox

In a post shared across all three companies’ websites this morning, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have released a joint set of principles to foster a safe gaming environment across all of their platforms.


Posted under the title “Our Shared Commitment to Safer Gaming,” the triumvirate present a three-pronged approach to ensuring their platforms are a safe place for gamers of all ages. First is prevention, which involves educating parents and players about parental safety controls, keeping them informed about terms of use, codes of conduct, and enforcement tools, and investing in tech to stop conduct breaches before they happen. The second prong is partnership, working together with players, law enforcement agencies, industry regulators, and gaming communities to advance user safety. Finally, there’s responsibility, which involves complying with laws, giving players proper reporting tools, and making sure everyone is aware of each company’s code of conduct and how to return to or stay in their good graces.

It’s nice to see the big three getting together to commit to making gaming a safer, less toxic place. I’m not sure how effective a shared list of vague bullet points is going to be, but it’s nice that the companies got together and made one. Good for them.

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As a gamer who’s been gaming since the late 80's, and who is also a parent to a young child, this is great, especially for non-gaming parents of kids who do play games. My kid and I play local co-op games together instead of doing anything online related because I don’t want my kid exposed to any bullshit. Will it be like this forever? No, because my kid will get older and will want to participate in more online related gaming fare. But for the time being I’ll do whatever I can to protect against potential dangers. There are tons of parents out there who aren’t up to speed on the dos and don’ts of the gaming world, specifically where online gaming is concerned. A lot of parents are oblivious to the dangers of online gaming and the cesspool of shitty behavior that tender age gamers are subjected to. Online bullying, hatespeech, bigotry, it’s just froth with terrible things. Now, not all online gaming is filled with hateful things. Playing with others online can be a fun experience, so long as you know exactly who you are playing with. For some parents, this is just impossible to discern, tho with the Big Three teaming up to bolster safety efforts, it could hopefully make it easier.