Microsoft Sold Almost One Million Xbox 360s Last Week

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Weak economy? What weak economy? According to a Microsoft press release, 960,000 units of their game console found homes in consumers' living rooms last week. The necromantic power of Black Friday is such that 800,000 of those were sold in 24 hours, marking the most successful week in Xbox history. Along with that, 750,000 Kinect sensors got rung up at cash registers, too, both as standalones and as part of bundles. With the recent announcements of live TV and FiOS cable partnerships, Microsoft's trying to position the 360 as a set-top box replacement, too. Numbers like this make clear why content creators and service providers want to get in bed with the Xbox 360, even if most users will still be using it to play games.

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Bubbleman! Will buy a PS Vita for NHL 13 or Gundam Extreme VS, so make it reality!

Not surprised to hear this.

Microsoft is going to own the industry with the next console generation. Sony is losing European support, as the 360 has really taken off in the UK and is now starting to get big in other countries like Spain and Italy. Sony was once thought to be unbeatable in Europe but like I just said, MS is making serious progress.

I own a PS3. I don't own a 360, but I can see the writing on the wall.

If the next XBOX Launches first, it's going to win. In America, PS3 owners are like outcasts according to younger family members and just based off what I see at stores like Gamestop.

"360 gets the best versions of multiplatform games"

"360 has the best online service and online apps"

"360 has the better controller, which is more comfortable for people with large hands"

etc etc.

I want a PS4 to take some notes from what MS has done right. Mainly, a larger controller that takes bigger Western hands into mind, an online service that is more fleshed out, trophies for every single game (I won't play a game that doesn't have trophies) and better support for streaming video.

Watching Youtube in 240p on my PS3 w/HDMI is fucking unnacceptable. Sony needs to give us a damn firmware update before I can reccomend the PS3 to any of my friends who are looking for a console now that the price has come down.