Microsoft Shelves Fancy TV Service for the Xbox 360

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There was a lot of buzz last year that Microsoft would be introducing a new TV subscription service for the Xbox 360, one that would bring all kinds of live TV shows to the platform and let them work with motion and voice control.


Nothing ultimately became of it because, well, nothing ultimately became of it. A report on Reuters today reveals that Microsoft was at one point very serious about the service, but backed down and shelved it when it found out how much TV networks were going to charge for live feeds of their programming.


Interestingly, while the initial reports only mention the Xbox 360, the Reuters report simply mentions Microsoft, implying the company had grander plans for its TV service than just its home console.

Exclusive: Microsoft Web TV subscription plan on hold [Reuters]

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Microsoft thanks for the apps but I want more exclusives, now and I dont mean Kinect which I have but don't want anything crazy for, We have shooters covered get more EXCLUSIVES