Microsoft Settles Its $90 Million Halo Suit

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Someone at sue-happy company PalTalk just got paid. Microsoft has settled with the company that filed suit against the Xbox 360 maker over patent infringement claims related to Halo multiplayer. Make it rain, PalTalk!

PalTalk hit Microsoft with a suit over a pair of patents in 2006, claiming that the multiplayer tech that powered some Xbox Live multiplayer games violated technology patents for "ways to control interactive applications over multiple computers," according to Bloomberg. Those patents were purchased from MPath Interactive Inc. by PalTalk for a sum of $200,000.


Exactly what denomination bill PalTalk patent holders will be making it rain with is unknown. Microsoft and PalTalk have not disclosed the terms of the settlement, putting the figure likely somewhere between $200,000 and $90,000,000. Microsoft spokesfolk would only say the agreement was "amicable."

The trial, which kicked off this Monday, has been cut short, thanks to the settlement.

Everybody back to your games of Halo 3. Everything's right with the world.

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