Microsoft Sells Two Million Xbox Ones, Which Is Good News For Everyone

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Microsoft announced this morning that they've sold two million shiny new Xbox Ones, and if your immediate reaction, dear Kotaku reader, is to say something about the PS4, please stop.


Forget asinine console wars and nonsensical company loyalties for a second—both current-next-gen consoles are selling quite well, and that's good news for anyone who likes video games at all. As the installed base—that's marketing talk for "number of people"—for each console grows, big third-party publishers will feel more comfortable greenlighting next-gen games. Small developers will have the flexibility to experiment more. Development studios won't have to worry as much about going "cross-gen" and releasing their games for both current- and next-gen systems, which means we'll see more games that really take advantage of what these new machines can do. (More enemies! Higher resolutions! Better dog AI!)

So let's all take a moment to celebrate the good news that both of these consoles seem to be doing well. Let's hope that the Wii U picks up steam soon, too. Healthy competition is healthiest for gamers.


Mr. Sinister

I'm softening on my XB1 stance. I was totally against it from the first official reveal, then scoffed when MS reversed course on all their controversial policies. I still don't like/want/care about Kinect, but dammit, I hate missing out on great exclusives. Is anyone stocking the XB1, or am I going to have to wait until after Christmas?

Is it too early to call BS on all the articles that talked about console gaming being on its death bed?