Microsoft Retires Gamerscore Blog

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Gamerscore Blog, an important part of Microsoft's Xbox community outreach for several years, is being retired. Microsoft will now focus that effort through and the Xbox dashboard.


In the final post, published yesterday at 5 p.m., Gamerscore said that internal housekeeping had organized community outreach into several channels, making Gamerscore a little redundant, making its closure appropriate.

The content it usually offered or pointed readers to can now be found elsewhere:

• Behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and featured game videos are on the console's Inside Xbox Channel.
• Microsoft's Xbox blogging corps can be still be read on's Voices page, and, of course, Major Nelson will continue his blogging and podcasting.
• If you're looking for the latest news and press releases, go to's Press site.
• Finally, you can sign up for email newsletters or go to from your phone, if you want to keep up that way.


"We had a blast being part of Gamerscore blog, and we want to thank you for your support, but as you can see from the list above, there is no shortage of methods to snag the latest word from all of us at Xbox," they write.

Gamerscore Blog Changes [Gamerscore Blog]

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