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Microsoft Responds To November NPD Sales, Seems Pleased

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Xbox 360 had a solid, more spectacular November than it did last year, which Microsoft is calling its "Biggest November Ever." It took a few shots at its PlayStation competition while doing so.

According to MS, the Xbox 360 is "continuing to widen its installed base lead over the PS3," with the company pointing out that its box outsold the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 combined. It brought out the number 8.1 again, still hoisting up that record-setting software attach rate.

It also points out that Fable II sold another 184,000 in November, bringing the game's total sales up to 974,000 in the U.S.


Senior VP Don Mattrick said Microsoft has "created the optimal line-up of experiences this holiday season for families seeking lasting entertainment value, particularly during rough economic times in the U.S. and abroad." Kudos for working "rough economic times" in there so elegantly, Don! For more gloating, read on.

Xbox 360 Registers Its Biggest November Ever

November NPD results are in and Xbox 360 highlights include:
· Most successful November for Xbox 360 in U.S. with record games, console sales and online momentum (this follows the recent announcement of a record November in Europe)
· Continuing to widen its installed base lead over the PS3
· Outsold PS3 and PS2 combined
· Record-setting software attach rate leads the industry, now at 8.1

The Xbox 360 continues to sell at record levels this holiday season, registering the biggest Black Friday and most successful November in its history. Xbox 360 sold a record number of consoles for the month of November at 836,000 units. (November NPD data)

With $298 million in third-party game sales in November, the Xbox 360 has generated more revenue at retail for third-party publishers than the PS3 and Wii combined this generation. (November NPD data)

In addition to a 3:1 console sales lead over the PS3 during the Black Friday weekend, Xbox 360 finished the month of November with more than a 2:1 sales advantage over PS3. (November NPD data and Microsoft internal data) This momentum is happening around the world as well; Xbox 360 was the fastest-growing console in Europe for the month of November, with sales up 124 percent year-over-year, versus 43 percent for Wii and three percent for PS3. (Microsoft Internal data)

The gaming business is more than just console sales – strong software sales and a growing online community is critical to long-term success of a platform. Xbox 360 outperformed the PS3 on total software sales for November at $408 million, thanks to the best and broadest games line up. (November NPD data) Additionally, Xbox LIVE continues to outpace both competitors with more than 14 million active members online worldwide, with the average number of unique visitors rising 66% in the past year. (Microsoft internal data) As an example of its industry-leading growth, every day, more than 1.5 million transactions and nearly 4 million game sessions take place on Xbox LIVE. In total, 45 network and studio partners, as well as Netflix, offer more than 30,000 pieces of entertainment content over Xbox LIVE.

"We've created the optimal line-up of experiences this holiday season for families seeking lasting entertainment value, particularly during rough economic times in the U.S. and abroad," said Don Mattrick, senior vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. "We have the largest library of games, TV and movie content and the most expansive and rewarding social experiences. We're confident Xbox 360 will continue to drive record sales around the world this holiday and beyond."

The Best New Content for the Broadest Audiences

Xbox 360 titles continue to dominate the industry's top software spots, with three of the top ten games in November living on Xbox 360 (November NPD data).

· Xbox 360-exclusive "Gears of War 2" was this month's #1 selling game with 1.6 million units sold. (November NPD data)
· "Call of Duty: World at War" for the Xbox 360 held the #2 spot, while "Left 4 Dead" rounded out the top 10 list at #8 (November NPD data)
· Xbox 360-exclusive "Fable 2" was honored to receive the Game of the Year Award during G4TV X-Play's Best of 2008 Awards this week. In November, "Fable 2" sold 184,000 units, bringing its life to date sales to 974,000 units in the US. (November NPD and Microsoft internal data)