Say! Did you hear about the Xbox 360 price drop? If not, Microsoft wants to remind you with its response to August NPD sales data! Last month, it ruled the software charts with strong Madden NFL 09 sales and, well, didn't place behind the PlayStation 3 for the first time in three months, making August extra sweet. Microsoft's chief talking point for the month? Sports! Microsoft seems pretty pleased with its fourth place hardware showing, bringing its established U.S. install base to 10.9 million. But it's positively beaming over August's EA Sports-driven performance, with a million Maddens and 56,000 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09s sold in garish green DVD cases. It also feels good, in a corporate sense, about its attach rate, now an even 8.0. This post's official Microsoft response attach rate is a measly 1.0 in comparison. :( We're working on it!

We're on track for a record-breaking holiday with a new sweet spot in pricing and the launch of the New Xbox Experience this fall. At $199, Xbox 360 offers the greatest entertainment value available, with the leading online service, the best games, and the greatest selection of downloadable movies and TV shows. Weekend sales post-price cut up over 100% (Microsoft internal data) · Coming off the Sept. 3 price drop announcement, the weekend retail results are in: Console sales across all Xbox 360 models were up over 100% between Friday, Sept. 5 and Sunday, Sept. 7. The Xbox 360 Arcade system, now the lowest priced next generation console on the market at $199, showed the largest lift, selling at six times the rate it was the weekend before. (Microsoft internal data) · According to NPD, 195,000 Xbox 360 consoles were sold in the U.S. in August, contributing to life-to-date spending of $10.7 billion on hardware and software, and a U.S. install base of 10.9 million units. (August NPD). With the best-selling line-up of sports games on the market, sports fans have spoken: Xbox 360 owns sports. Here are some specifics: "Madden NFL 09" on Xbox 360 secures #1 game in August · Over one millions copies of "Madden NFL 09" sold on the Xbox 360 platform in August since its launch on Aug. 12. Madden fans helped contribute to Xbox 360's record-breaking software attach rate of 8.0 games per console. (August NPD) "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09" · Xbox 360 players hit the greens with Tiger's latest installment, purchasing 56,000 copies of "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09" in the five days it was on the market, more than on any other platform. (August NPD). Xbox 360 gamers eager to watch Tiger walk on water contributed to the $94 million spent at retail in August for third-party publishers on the Xbox 360 platform, or 45% of share. (August NPD) "NCAA Football 09" · The kick-off of the college football season didn't stop Xbox 360 gamers buying 460,000 copies of "NCAA Football 09" since it launched, more than PS3 and Wii versions combined. (August NPD) From sports games and music titles to the biggest blockbuster games this holiday, the best games are on Xbox 360 · Xbox 360 games secured three spots in the list of top 10 selling games in August: "Madden NFL 09" at #1, "Too Human" at #7 and "Soul Caliber IV" at #8. (August NPD) · Beginning last month with "Madden NFL 09," Xbox 360 has a string of blockbuster titles, each expected to sell at least a million units, launching in the coming months including "Gears of War 2," "Fable II," "Guitar Hero IV," "Rock Band 2," "Fallout 3" and "Lips." Xbox 360 continues to move more games for third party publishers than any other platform · With $94 million in third party game sales in August, Xbox 360 generated more dollars at retail for third party publishers than any other console, to date generating $4.1 billion, or 58% of share. (August NPD)