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Microsoft Reanimates Dead Xbox Live Gamertags

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Reanimates Dead Xbox Live Gamertags

Was your original choice for an Xbox Live gamertag unavailable? Well check again! Microsoft has started reviving previously used and unavailable gamertags, so now's the time to recapture your former glory.


Some bastard is still hogging the Fahey gamertag, but you might have better luck. According to Xbox Live's Major Nelson, Microsoft is slowly reactivating old, dead gamertags, so if you've lost yours or simply want a better one that was already taken, it wouldn't hurt to look over the coming weeks, just in case.

To change your gamertag just sign into Xbox Live, go to My Xbox, open up your information page, and choose Change Gamertag. It'll cost you 800 Microsoft points, but that's a pittance compared to having a less ridiculous online presence.


Xbox LIVE Gamertags go zombie and rise from the dead [Major Nelson - Thanks, Adinnieken!]

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I'm currently Kariodude on XBL. I wanted to just be Kario but it was taken. It was taken because when Halo 1 first came out I went over to my friends house and he made me create a profile to play with him. My profile name was Kario. I had no idea what I'd done and now that gamertag just sits their claimed and unusable.