First launched in 2007, Microsoft's "Xbox Originals" scheme seemed an easy way to re-release old Xbox titles on the 360 as a digital download, and make a buck off them in the process. Hasn't worked out that way.


After an initial flurry of titles, releases for the service soon slowed to the point where most of you probably forgot it was even around. And it may as well have disappeared, with Microsoft saying it has now "finished it's portfolio" of releases for the service, and that following one final release (which has yet to be determined), there will be no more Xbox games offered for download (though you'll still be able to get the games already on there).

Shame. The service had real potential. Or, it would have if Microsoft had bothered releasing more stuff like Psychonauts, or had fixed some backwards-compatibility issues so they could sell Jet Set Radio and Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath.

UPDATE - Reader Adrian points out that the Xbox Originals have already been "moved" and rebranded, and are sitting on as the first offerings for Microsoft's "Games on Demand" service.


E3 2009: The End of Originals [IGN]

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