Microsoft Prices Kinect, Xbox 360 Motion Games

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Microsoft's Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360 will be $150 and come with a copy of Kinect Adventures when the motion controller hits stores in November, the company said today. Kinect games will sell for $50 each.

Microsoft's news today confirms rumor about the price of the add-on that have been making the rounds since the date for Kinect was unveiled at E3 last month.


The Kinect kit will come with both the proprietary cable that works with Microsoft's latest Xbox 360 and a USB cable and power cord that will work with the original Xbox 360s.

Microsoft will also be selling a new bundle that includes the redesigned Xbox 360 with 4GB of internal flash memory and the Kinect kit for $300 starting on Nov. 4. News of the bundle first broke on Kotaku last month.

In the United Kingdom, Microsoft's Kinect with Kinect Adventures will retail for £129.99. The console bundle will sell for £249.99, with MIcrosoft Kinect games retailing at £39.99.


Microsoft's product manager Aaron Greenberg says that Microsoft expects that Kinect will be a "huge driver of console sales."

"I think Kinect absolutely presents a unique opportunity to reach a much broader audience then we've spoken to before," Greenberg said.


The Kinect Adventures game includes more than 20 different game modes and supports up to two players at a time. The new motion control add-on will launch alongside 15 titles, Greenberg said. While Microsoft can't dictate the price third-party developers sell their games for, the currently announced four internally developed Kinect games will sell for $50, $10 less than most Xbox 360 games.

Kinect goes up against Nintendo's already established and massively successful Wii console, which sells for $200 and comes with the sensor bar, single remote, single nunchuk, a MotionPlus add-on and copies of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.


Sony's motion-sensing Move add-on, for the Playstation 3 (which starts at $300), hits on Sept. 19 for a variety of pricing options. The Playstation Move bundle, which includes a single controller, the required camera and a copy of Sports Champions, sells for $100. The sub-controller for the Move sells for $30.

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I still think most commenters fail to understand the mindset of the average consumer and the insanity that is the holiday season.

People have spent hundreds on Furby and Tickle Me Elmo as Christmas presents. The Wii was going for triple its asking price when it sold out. Having seen the furor over this thing at a Microsoft store recently, especially among younger kids and parents, I am pretty sure they are going to eat it up, especially with the $300 console + Kinect + game bundle.

The product has a massive hook built in with the controller-less gameplay, which while effective or not, LOOKS like something new to the everyday consumer, and that's the most important thing when separating your product from the pack. All MS has to do is exploit that fact, and there's going to be a legion of consumers lining up, consumers who don't read gaming blogs, who could care less what games are coming for the system, and who think anything named Killzone is clearly responsible for school shootings (look at the name!).

In short, the price is well within holiday "it" range, and so long as MS gets its plugs in on morning shows, cartoons, and other family fare, the only injury Kinect will do to MS in the short term is if they pull a muscle as they laugh their way to the bank.