Microsoft Poll: One of Five Canadian Men Game in the Nude

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Next time you're on a multiplayer server, you might want to ask everyone who's a Canadian, and then ask who among them are dudes. Because according to a Microsoft survey, every fifth one of them (in the long run) has gamed in the nude, and might be doing so now.


Microsoft commissioned a pretty serious poll up in the Great White North, asking Canadians all sorts of questions that sound like a Cosmo bedside astrologer survey, if "game" is used as a euphemism for "sex." Do you game at work? (30 percent). Do you game in the bedroom? (27 percent). The bathroom? (7 percent - WTF?!) In public? (19 percent). And yes, they asked who does it completely bare. The answer 17 percent of Canadian men, 9 percent of Canadian women.

What in the hell could possibly be the use of that information (other than giving bloggers a reason to post something about Microsoft?) The survey seems to include any kind of computer game in the nude question, so playing Minesweeper with your torpedo danglin' is the same as playing Mario Kart Wii nekkid as a jaybird.

Racking my brain, I am not sure that I have ever played a video game completely butt-ass naked. I've had phone conversations on the john, downloaded porn while wishing Grandma a Merry Christmas and other depraved shit, but I could always delay my urge to play Team Fortress 2 until I got a pair of droodies on, at least.

So, of course, this begs our own Kotaku poll. Tell us, have you ever played a game - and for purposes here, we're talking console, PC title, or handheld, but not Facebook games, solitaire or minesweeper - in the nude? Feel free to expand on your answer in the comments.

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Does waking up in bed and starting up the PS3 before bothering to hide one's 'shame' constitute as gaming naked? A mean, theres a thick layer of duvet between you and God's prying eyes.