Today, Microsoft released a trailer that, at first glance, may seem like it's simply a video that showcases the slick design of the Xbox One hardware and interface. And really, that's mostly what it is.

But if you pay attention at the :51 second mark, you catch a quick nod to Halo 5:

It's just text. Nothing major. This will of course be enough for some to derive a ton of ridiculous theories about Halo 5, but it's probably nothing more than a playful poke. The handle "Pit Bear" doesn't even have an Xbox Live Gold account, and Haven is a Halo 4 map. I'm sure if you enhance the image enough you'll see the mark of the illuminati or something, though!


Microsoft says the next Halo journey starts sometime this year.

UPDATE: 343 Industries issued the following statement about this trailer:

"The Xbox One dashboard images shown in the recently released "Xbox One Design Show" video, were placeholder and not indicative of future game content. As we've said before, your next 'Halo' journey will begin in 2014, and we'll have more detail to share at E3 in June."

(Thanks, Victor)

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