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Sony recently called out Microsoft and Nintendo for having consoles that require add-ons in order to offer the total package. Now Xbox 360 group PR manager David Dennis responds, and fires right back.


Speaking to Edge, Dennis offered his response to Sony's add-on peddling claims, much like Xbox 360 group product manager Andrew Greenberg did during CES, only a bit more pointedly now that NPD numbers have been released.


"Our strategy from the beginning was to have multiple SKUs with a very flexible offering so the customer can choose the experience that they want. If you don't need a hard drive, you're not forced to have one. If you don't need Wi-Fi, you're not forced to pay for one."

Well that certainly makes a fair amount of sense, didn't it? But adressing the issue just wasn't enough. Dennis went on to fire a shot back across Sony's bow.

"The strategy of having a console that is $200 more expensive that has features that people don't potentially need or want but have to pay for—looking at [Sony's] sales numbers—I'd say it's probably not the winning strategy at this point, especially given the current economic situation."


It's beginning to look a lot like a brewing forum flame war, but I won't call it until they start including LOLcat pictures in their press alerts.

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