Microsoft On Metal Gear: Mission Accomplished

So far this hardware generation, we've seen the number of third-party exclusives on any platform shrink to almost zero. The last major series to come around? Metal Gear Solid.

Having long made a name for itself on Sony consoles, the next Metal Gear Solid title - Rising - will also be appearing on the Xbox 360, a move which Microsoft says levels the proverbial playing field. Microsoft VP Shane Kim:

I still think exclusive content is really important. First of all, in games, we've said for a long time that a key part of our strategy with Xbox 360 was a level third-party playing field. Now we've effectively done that with Metal Gear Solid coming to the Xbox 360.

The economics are such that third parties also have to support multiple platforms, and you can't ignore Xbox 360. It's the second leading platform.


Interesting that he so openly states that the 360 is in second place. But not as interesting as the fact that, some days, it feels like the entire world has forgotten about the Xbox version of Metal Gear Solid 2.

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