Attention French readers! (We know you are out there) Microsoft are offering a rebate of 40 Euros (about $50 US) on any Xbox 360 bought between November 17th and 17th January 2009. Any Europeans in the market for L'Xbox Trois Cents et Soixante, could do worse than head on over/up/down/across to France to pick one up. Hell, given recent political developments even Americans may be able to hop on over without having to feign a Canadian accent. Note that we have no idea how one would go about getting the rebate if you don't live in France. Please don't blame us if you waste hundreds of dollars on the airfare and get stiffed. Paris is nice at this time of year, at least. La Xbox 360 à partir de 139 Euros ! [Jeuxvideo - thanks to reader Legandalf for the tip]