Microsoft: Nun Unh, Peter Moore, Rare Is So Relevant

In case you haven't been following, Peter Moore's "don't whine about your time at Microsoft" NDA expired this week, and he's been pouring his heart out over at The Guardian. It's been fun stuff. Particularly the bits where he totally slags off Rare, saying that the industry had "passed Rare by" and that they "were not applicable in today's market". Ouch. Well, Microsoft are having none of it, Phil Spencer telling "Rare is a great studio that continuously delivers high-quality, award-winning titles for the Xbox platform and will continue to do so in the future". Which may or may not be true. Who knows. Spencer's smart, however, to also remind Moore of Rare's work on the 360's new avatar system, which in a strange twist of fate may turn out to be the most important thing they ever do for the console. Microsoft defends relevance of Rare to Xbox business []


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