Microsoft Japan Employee Arrested For Fondling A Schoolgirl

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A forty-year-old Microsoft employee has been arrested for groping a schoolgirl's breasts on a JR Kobe line train bound for Osaka.


The employee has been identified as Shingo Mihara, an employee of Microsoft Japan's Kansai branch. He apparently put his hand in an opening of the 16-year-old schoolgirl's blouse.

The schoolgirl supposedly caught him red handed and then pulled him from the train at Amagasaki Station. A station employee then turned Mihara over to the police.

Even though Mihara apologized to the girl, he later told police, "I might have come in contact with her body, but I did not touch her breasts."

Osaka was one of the first cities in Japan to create "women-only" train carriages in hopes of reducing the number of groping incidents on trains.

It is unclear what role Mihara held at Microsoft. Kotaku is following up with Microsoft regarding this issue and will update this post if the company comments.

マイクロソフト社員が痴漢で逮捕 - ゲーム速報 - [Game News READ2CH] [Pic]


I been to Osaka and Japan. Osaka is way different. People there are more rude and an odd thing is they go up on the escalator the left side compared to Tokyo (if I remember right). My ex-girlfriend told me that she doesn't like Osaka because of the people. We went there simply for Universal Studios Japan.