After sitting down with Microsoft's state government affairs folks to talk politics and gaming, I started asking them if they've been trying to get Barack Obama into games. Obama made a splash with gamers earlier this month when he said in an interview that the last game he played was Pong. Did Microsoft shoot a 360 straight out to him the second they read that, I asked. No, not that anyone knows of. What about here in Denver. Did they set up a console in his hotel to give him something to relax with. No. But, it turns out Microsoft did gift someone. Actually a lot of someones. A bunch of the nearly 4,500 delegates in Denver each got their own Democratic National Convention branded. The idea is that attendees will eventually be able to download speeches and political videos. The Zunes are also pre-loaded with content including, I'm told, one game. And the RNC folks are getting one too Gizmodo discovered.