Microsoft Exec Says No New Xbox In 2012

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According to Xbox France's Marketing Director Cedrick Delmas, there'll be no new Microsoft console released in 2012 to compete with Nintendo's Wii.


"What is certain is that there will be nothing new in 2012" Delmas told Le Point. "If we had to counter Nintendo, we would have to be capable of releasing something immediately, and that's not at all the case".

Which is all well and good. Only, persistent rumours have a new Xbox console turning up in 2013, not 2012...

Xbox - "Rien de nouveau en 2012" [Le Point]


there's always a 1 year "range" between consoles. It'll be wierd not to have something like this.

Also, it's mostly been the case that the console that comes out the first "wins" the console war of the generation (I don't think the Wii counts, but the Xbox360 still won the hearts of most "core" gamers). Let's see if Nintendo will win this one.