Microsoft Denies It's Using PlayStation Home To Virtually Hang Out

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Despite reports to the contrary, Microsoft says that it won't be using the PlayStation Home service to hold virtual meetings. It has all the virtual meeting solutions it needs, thank you very much, Sony.


Microsoft reps tell CVG that a report from GAAP Web isn't exactly accurate, plugging away that it has "fantastic Microsoft-developed products and applications like Live Meeting and even Xbox Live Party" to meet its needs. Sure. I can see Microsoft execs and middle managers cursing and slandering each other in an Xbox Live Party. No really!


It's a shame that this isn't happening. I'd have loved to see a creepy mishmash of totally awesome, Microsoft employee subscribing subcultures coming together in a colleague air-humping dance-off while staring blankly into space. And synergies being discussed, naturally. Guess we'll have to settle for Merrill Lynch and Ernst & Young.

Microsoft "will not be using Home" [CVG]

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