Microsoft Confirms Kinect Bundles, New $199 Xbox 360

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Ask the right questions, get the right answers. An internal marketing Q&A for Microsoft about confirm that Kinect will be bundled with consoles, and a $199 configuration of its new Xbox 360 will be available this fall.


In its document, Microsoft said Kinect would be available as a standalone device and as "part of a bundle with the newly designed Xbox 360 console," but "we have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time." Kinect bundles already sprouted up at GameStop, earlier this week, an Arcade bundle for $299 and an Elite bundle for $399.

An Arcade version of the new black Xbox 360 was also alluded to, although, read verbatim, the Microsoft document says simply:

Q: Will you sell a $199 version of the new Xbox 360?
A: We will offer a $199 Xbox 360 this fall.

There were no further details about this console's features, such as hard drive/onboard storage (if any) or WiFi, which is 250GB and internal, respectively, on the new Slim design. A $199 model would probably lack both. The current Arcade layout supports HDMI output so that would probably carry over, at least.

In case you're wondering, that's the promo shot of the 250GB layout, which one assumes will look the same externally. Microsoft has provided no images of the bundles or the $199 slim.



if it's 199 with wifi , 120gigs, and an extra 100 for natal I'll grab it for sure, if it's under than hells no.