GameStop Prices Kinect, New Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles

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Microsoft says "We haven't yet announced pricing details for Kinect," but retailer GameStop is taking a stab at pricing the new Xbox 360 accessory, putting a $149 USD sticker on pre-orders. The new Xbox 360 bundles may be a better deal.

While Kinect by itself may fall under "too much," if you're jumping in for the first time, it's a more attractive $100 investment.

GameStop prices a Kinect Arcade Bundle at $299.99 USD and a Kinect Elite Bundle at $399.99 USD. GameStop also puts a $59.99 USD price on two games, Kinect Adventures! and Kinect Sports.

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So now we know why M$ was being so tight-lipped about the price tag...

I guess I'm going to have to turn 360 degrees and moonwalk away from the Kinect until its price drops after it's laughably bad launch. That's too bad... that dancing game looked kinda fun =/