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Microsoft Bans Users for Stealing Xbox Live Content

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Bans Users for Stealing Xbox Live Content

Last month, Microsoft very quietly swept a broom through the Xbox Live userbase, finding—and banning—a number of Xbox 360 owners for "illegitimately [accessing] Xbox LIVE Marketplace downloadable content".


As the company "will not divulge additional information regarding individual suspensions for these offenses", it's unclear what brought on the crackdown, or how the culprits were able to access content "illegitimately".

What I find interesting is that Microsoft claims, in banning these users, to have "clear evidence" that each person affected was violating the console's terms of service. But if the company "will not divulge additional information" on the cases, then how do we know they do? Sure, 99% of users are probably guilty, but what if 1% of them aren't?


Suspended for Marketplace Theft? [Xbox, via Eurogamer]

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I would imagine these bans originate from the rewards program. A month or so ago MS accidentally gave out extra MS points to rewards members. I bet anyone who used those points for a purchase got banned. Can't say I wasn't tempted to use the extra points they gave me...