Mickey Rourke Raps Over Game's Closing Credits

These are the closing credits of Bethesda's Rogue Warrior. And while he's not technically rapping - they're soundbytes from the game arranged almost perfectly - the effect is the same: it's amazing. Completely, and utterly, amazing.

[via Giant Bomb]

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Poul Wrist

I tried Rogue Warrior yesterday. It's a bad game. It plays and feels so incredibly mediocre, like, all they wanted was to have an excuse to get Mickey Rourke to say "motherfucker" a lot. Everything else is so generic it's not even funny, simply because it's so very, very dull. And FPS is perhaps my favourite genre.

Enemies are snotstupid, graphics are bad and undetailed (though the animations for your character in the cutscenes are pretty good), dialogue, what there is, is completely ridiculous, and the kill-move thing they blabbered on about is completely stupid. There's no stealth element, really, you can just run right up to a guy who has his back to you and press the kill-move button and he'll die. The ensuing animation being unrelated to how the guy was standing the moment you hit the button, always resets them. I saw two cases of it being relative to what was near by, but other than that, nothing special about it at all.

All in all, this is not even close to being a good game, don't bother with it. Especially not now that you've seen the only worthwhile part of it...