Here's one for all the fans of latin music—pianist Michel Camilo is a far cry from the mellow melodies of Antonio Carlos Jobim… but that's okay. Sometimes music just has to kick ungodly amounts of ass.

Check out the above track from his album One More Once, which features a big band that was so sick… it was one of the hottest collections of New York cats and Latin all-stars I've ever heard. Seriously, listen to that track.


That's the one and only Paquito D'Rivera on the alto sax solo. The ridiculously burning alto sax solo, I should say.

Here are a few more tracks from the album:

"Why Not!"

Man, "Why Not!" is the sort of super cheesy name that only really super burning jazz musicians can get away with. I love this track, partly for the great solo from Camilo, but partly for the the shout chorus that plays after the solos (at 4:35). Check out John Faddis on the lead trumpet. Good gravy.


"Suite Sandrine, Part 3"

A slow burn that builds to an insane climax—Michel's montuno piano-playing is unlike anyone else in the business, and he can deliver a groove so hard. They do some fun things with bass trombone in here as well. Stay through to the end. What a grind this tune has!


"Not Yet"

This is the first track from the record, a groovy blues with a nice tenor solo from Ralph Bowen. I actually transcribed this solo back in college… I still remember some of his turnaround licks all these years later. Go ahead, Ralph.


Do yourself a favor and pick up the whole album. Put that sucker on and try to sit still.

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