Michael Phelps Says His Game Is 'In Development'

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Michael Phelps is both the winningest swimmer ever, and chummy enough with Activision to be given a box containing no copies of Call of Duty. Surely he should have his own game by now?


Michael thinks so too - in fact, in an interview on 60 Minutes he just let slip that there is indeed one in development. No further details were forthcoming and the sorry excuses for journalists they employ on Minutes these days didn't pursue the point. Activision are yet to confirm that they are working on such a title, though they would seem to be the likely choice.


We are going to go out on a limb here and assume that the game will involve swimming in some form, allthough we strongly suspect that there is no physical activity that Phelps is not the best at - except perhaps failing - so who knows?

Michael Phelps game in development [Gaming Target]

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