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Michael Ironside Isn't Sam Fisher Anymore. This Other Guy Is.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You don't fuck with Michael Ironside. If you give the man a Splinter Cell script and he doesn't like it, he will come at you. Just like he came at Ubisoft in this trailer for the new Splinter Cell game, Blacklist, telling of his origins with the series.

Ironside, the long-time voice of hero Sam Fisher, is actually no longer Sam Fisher! That role is being played by Eric Johnson, Ubisoft politely explaining that because their tech now captures acting acting, it would no longer do to have the ageing Ironside in a mo-cap suit since he, well, isn't exactly the same build as Fisher.


Blacklist was announced yesterday, and is due for release next year. You can catch its debut trailer here.