Michael Bay's New Trailer for Need for Speed: The Run is… Awesome, Actually

This new trailer for Need for Speed: The Run was directed by none other than Mr. Bad Boys himself, Michael Bay. It's got cars, and racing, and quickquickquick cuts!


It does not, unfortunately, do that thing where a guy stands there while the camera spins around him. What the fuck, Bay? EA paid you a ton of money, and you can't even bring your A-game?

But okay, yeah. This is a pretty damned exciting trailer, as video game trailers go. Who knew? The only thing standing between Michael Bay and "something watchable" was the complete removal of any actual human beings.


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Is that wrong that I actually enjoy Michael Bay movies? It's not like I'm paying to watch a Cult session, so I kinda forgive poor writing (and sometimes even bad acting) just to see awesome special effects.

I'm not that hyped about this game not an die-hard fan of NFS anymore, didn't played a good release after NFS:Underground 2... but if this turn out into a movie someday, I'm sold.