MGS Advisor Goes to the Slammer

GamePolitics reported the news back in July that Tomoaki Iishiba, who once served as a technical advisor for Metal Gear Solid, was in hot water for illegally exporting "sophisticated weapons parts." GP followed up and finds Mr. Iishiba is indeed lodging at the federal pen for one year. Iishiba, 34, is a Japanese man who served with the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan and was later assigned to a military intelligence unit. Prosecutors though probation would be enough of a sentence, even saying Iishiba did not intend to threaten the U.S.'s security or foreign policy aims. But U.S. District Court judge Marsha Pechman went much further. She called Iishiba " soldier who had abused his trust, using his military address to order parts and then shipping them to foreign nationals. ... The problem with putting something in the stream of commerce is you don't know where it will end up." Iishiba, for his part, says this all didn't count because the pieces parts he sent over A) weren't the firing kind in guns, B) Japanese "love freedom as much as we do," and C) it was all for use "in games similar to paintball." The parts in question were apparently "sophisticated holographic night vision gunsights." Metal Gear Solid Technical Advisor Jailed for Shady Weapons Deal [GamePolitics]


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