What could Metroid mainstays Mother Brain, Crocomire and Kraid have looked like in the beloved Metroid Prime video games? See for yourself in some recently excavated art work from the artists behind Nintendo's first-person Metroid adventures.

My personal favorite may be the Galactic Federation super suit seen above, a concept sketch from artist Sammy Hall dug up by NeoGAF user Mama Robotnik. More images from Metroid Prime could-have-beens and beautiful artwork that you might not have seen before, courtesy of the Metroid Wikia and further portfolio snooping can be seen in the gallery above.

After seeing these and playing Metroid: Other M, I might be ready for another Metroid Prime. Perhaps on the newly-launched Nintendo 3DS, perhaps?

A look at Metroid's mini-boss Kraid as he would have appeared in Metroid Prime.


Crocomire from Super Metroid in many conceptual forms.

Samus looks upon a Chozo statue.


The vistas of Skytown.

A trippy concept for Prime's version of Mother Brain, with mini-Samus to indicate scale.


Spider tracks and Chozo power-ups.