Metroid: Other M Moves To August, Sin & Punishment Slides As Well

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Fans looking forward to the June release of Metroid: Other can now start looking forward to its August release, as Nintendo delays the Team Ninja developed title along with Treasure's Sin & Punishment: Star Successor.


Originally scheduled for release in June, the new release date for Metroid's return to form is August 31, giving fans two more months to delve deeper into the background of armored heroine Samus Aran.

Slightly less painful is the delay of the sequel to Treasure's acclaimed Nintendo 64 shooter Sin & Punishment. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor will now release on June 27, three weeks after the original June 6 target.

No reason is given for the delay of these two eagerly anticipated Wii titles. We've reached out to Nintendo for comment, and are awaiting a response. In the meantime, go ahead and update those calendars, and we wouldn't begrudge Samus fans a few light tears.

Update: Nintendo responded to our inquiry with the following statement:

"The launch date for Metroid: Other M has shifted to Aug. 31. As you may know, this game is the product of a unique partnership between longtime Metroid producer Yoshio Sakamoto, Team Ninja and many other individuals and groups, all of whom have set very high standards for this latest installment in the series. Although it's taking slightly longer than expected to complete the project, we're confident that fans will find it to be well worth the wait.

"Video game development is a lengthy and complex process. We have always put the quality of our products first, and have historically taken the time needed to make our games meet the expectations of our fans."


J.D. Buffington

So, can someone who played the original or the wii-port update me on S+P? I know it's a shooter, but why is it so revered? I've thought of buying the VC version, but I hate shooting in the to speak.