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When you think of "Metroid," this band hopes you'll think of them, and not just cannon-armed space pirate hunters. "Metroid" bills itself as an indie/electro/pop band "somewhere at the intersection of rock and the score to your favorite video game."


You can pick up that T-shirt (if you dig barfing robots) and some free mp3s at their Myspace page. I caught one of their tunes off this page, too.

They've been around for more than a year (their first album, on Eyeball Records, released last July.) I don't want to turn this into a discussion of trademark law because I'm trying to wind down my amateur freelance litigation career. Maybe Nintendo's mark doesn't cover indie/electro/pop music. So, carry on Metroid the band. But if anyone names their group "Grandma Incest" we're gonna have a lawsuit.

Metroid on MySpace Music [via GoNintendo]

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