Metro Exodus is getting two pieces of story-driven DLC in the coming months. Neither focus on series hero Artyom, but instead shift perspective to other familiar faces from the Metro universe. This summer’s The Two Colonels DLC follows Colonel Miller in a “new linear chapter,” while Sam’s Story, coming early 2020, is a more sandboxy story about displaced US marine Sam trying to find his way back home to his family. You’ll be able to get both via the game’s expansion pass.


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I picked this up on the Epic store because I’m an unrepentant Metro fanboy (games and novels, despite the rough translations in the written work), but I admit to being a little annoyed at that last-second exclusivity shit.

Not annoyed enough to set up a months-long campaign of squalling, mind, but still, that didn’t engender any goodwill from me toward Epic, however sound a business decision it might’ve been.