Metallica's Hetfield: Games are "Gateway Drug" to Music

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Metallica frontman James Hetfield continues the payday publicity blitz in an interview with Rolling Stone that comes straight out of the celebrity endorsement playbook for music games.


There seems to be a formula to these interviews: 1) Genuflect to rhythm games as a whole, citing at least one quality that inspires music appreciation. 2) Tell people how you, a world-class musician, suck atrociously at playing the instrument controllers. 3) Mention the oldest-school game you can think of when someone asks you what you grew up playing, even if you haven't touched a console in years and won't ever again once your game finally releases.

How does Hetfield do? Well:

1) "I think Guitar Hero is a great gateway drug to real music. If you've got the music bug, nothing's gonna stop you. It's your destiny to express your gift."


2) "The initial thought was, 'This is gonna be so easy.' And then I picked it up and tried doing it. And it was like [makes plunking sound]. 'Are you kidding me? You guys suck! You're supposed to follow me!' I gotta be on with the lines. And Metallica's not as on with the lines as some other bands. Especially having Lars as a drummer [Laughs]."

A little overboard there, but still satisfactory.

3) [Q: What's the first video game you fell in love with?] "My buddy had Pong. We were obsessed with it. That was it, man."

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And ... check! Awesome job, James Hetfield!

Metallica's James Hetfield Calls "Guitar Hero" a "Gateway Drug": Inside the Band's New Game [Rolling Stone]


I started playing kit after 8th grade. Well, more like fiddled with it, since it was easier to pick up and get a groove going than with guitar and bass. I was into DDR and Beatmania, more music interaction than music simulation, so I gave Drummania a shot.

I started to do more than just fiddle around on a kit. :)