Boy, Guitar Hero: Metallica got exciting all of a sudden, didn't it? Promising tracklist, a fine selection of "other bands" to play with...let's see what Metallica have to say about the whole thing.


Speaking with USA Today, the band have spoken on their hopes for the game, their involvement in the project and how the game has a...storyline. Lars Ulrich explains:

We wanted a little bit of a different slant. Basically, you start out and you play some songs and you get warmed up, and there's a competition. We're trying to pick a band to play with us and go on the road with us.

A storyline? How ambitious.

As usual, though, the most interesting thing anyone could string together came from Kirk Hammett, who is a lot more optimistic about the positive influences music games can have on kids than guys from other, shittier bands:

It is kind of weird to know that people are going to have an experience that is going to be similar to my own experience playing and performing music. It's going to open people up maybe to the prospect of taking the whole thing one step further and actually picking up an instrument. We might be rearing an entire culture of future musicians. That prospect is just super-cool.


Plenty more stuff at the links below, including the first screenshots.

First look: Metallica gets 'Guitar Hero' treatment [USA Today]


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