Metallica Debuts Guitar Hero: Metallica Trailer

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Who gets the exclusive first trailer for Guitar Hero: Metallica? Well, Metallica does. The band revealed the game in motion via its official site, with a guest appearance from... Ennio Morricone?

No, we don't think the score from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly will be playable, but it sets the mood [and commenter FarmboyInJapan informs us the song is played prior to each of the band's shows - Ed.]. Perhaps it's Metallica's subtle way of saying that James Hetfield's in-game character model is downright hideous? I mean, I know the dude's not exactly oozing handsome in real life, but he looks goddamn scary in Guitar Hero: Metallica.

The rest of the trailer is all about "Master of Puppets" and self-promotion, touting 20 of the band's "fiercest songs" and guitar or full band gameplay. I'm a little excited! I just hope we can revert to Garage Days Revisited skins and that Activision nixes any plans for a Cliff Burton zombie mode.


Guitar Hero: Metallica [Metallica]

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GameBuddy - Voices? I got 'em.

Someone needs to sit down the character designers from Activision/Neversoft/Red Octane and explain slowly that they are doing it very, very wrong.