Metal Gear's Creator Wanted Sexy Cosplay and, Well, He Got It

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"Quiet," the sniper character of Metal Gear Solid V, is rather unsensibly (un)dressed for combat. Creator Hideo Kojima had a number of justifications for this, saying that he wanted an "erotic" character because that look would encourage cosplay. Yep. It did.

Via Destructoid, this is Kelly Jean, a cosplayer from the U.K.. She sought to make a real-life recreation of Quiet's concept model and boy did she ever pull it off. Destructoid has a rear shot, too, but suffice to say that is NSFW. But if you've ever wondered what a soldier would look like in torn nylons IRL, go check it out.


Jean is selling prints of her cosplay through her personal site, with proceeds going to a charity that brings video gaming to those with disabilities. She says she is studying to be a health care professional and is currently helping a girl who is "really bright and enjoys her games, but has severe physical disabilities," so the cause is a personal one.

Hideo Kojima Asked For It And He Has Received [Destructoid]

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I do hope that in the game that'll be the standard uniform for all of the snipers.