Metal Gear Solid V's Stealth Is Flawless

Illustration for article titled iMetal Gear Solid Vs/i Stealth Is Flawless

They don’t call Big Boss a legend for nothing, you know.

While there are many different ways of infiltrating a base in Metal Gear Solid V, my favorite so far is this ridiculous strategy developed by Venom C.

You can do it too! Step one: get a jeep. Step two: throw a smoke grenade into the jeep. Step three: stop giving a fuck and truck straight into the base, taking care to replenish the jeep’s smoke supply as needed. Turns out, the smoke will protect you from ever getting discovered, perhaps even enable you to get an S-Rank without actually having to, you know, use actual stealth. Amazing.


I like how many guards in this video noted that there was something very suspicious about that smoke-addled jeep, but never thought to shoot at it or something.

You gotta love all the silly things you can do in this game.

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Bourbon Dingo

Nope. I just got called stupid for reporting a moving cardboard box. Don’t even see that smoking jeep, don’t notice it. Someone else’s problem.