Metal Gear Solid V Players Uncover A New P.T. Easter Egg

Silent Hills might be dead, but Kojima sure as hell ain’t letting the memory fade away.

Earlier this year, we caught a glimpse of a P.T. easter egg that allowed Metal Gear Solid players to use Lisa, P.T.’s infamous ghost, as a distraction against enemies. But that’s not the only Silent Hills shout-out in the game.



In the video below, Arekkz Gaming shows us how we can find a radio broadcast within Metal Gear Solid V—and it happens to be the exact broadcast that plays while you play P.T.

In case you never played the original horror teaser, the recording tells the backstory that led to the events you play out in P.T—essentially, a father loses it and kills his entire family. Pretty neat, huh? And it makes me wonder—just how many P.T. related easter eggs are hiding within Metal Gear Solid V, waiting to be found?

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