Metal Gear Solid V Glitch Lets Players Make Silenced Rocket Launchers

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Forget Metal Gear. This is the ultimate weapon.

Sneaking is hard. You’ve got to blend svelte form and lethal (or at least incapacitating) function, all while keeping light on your tippy toes. Big guns and bigger explosions? Not the best idea.


Unless, of course, you’re playing Metal Gear Solid V, in which case they can be literally the best idea conceivable. Presenting... the silenced rocket launcher, as demonstrated by jasonLJ (via PC Gamer):

Obviously, it’s a glitch, but unlike many other game-breaking glitches, this one is cake to make use of. All you have to do is select weapon modules with the left mouse button on PC instead of enter or spacebar, and you can get past the game’s usual restrictions. Want a silenced, 100-round rocket launcher? Go for it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You can’t be too willy nilly about it, though. In much the same way a real silenced rocket launcher would crash all of existence, this glitch can easily crash your game. If you want to attempt it yourself, make sure to follow these instructions laid out by Redditor DutchMuffin.

In theory, though, you should now be able to attach any module to any weapon, provided the weapon has the right slots. If I were you, I’d take advantage of the glitch asap, given that Konami is likely to patch it out. Now for a sentence I never thought I’d write: Silenced rocket launchers are, at the moment, harmless. However, people are worried that weapon glitches could make players of MGSV’s online FOB base invasion mode say, “horseshit” even more than MGSV’s horse shit. And even if the game isn’t programmed in such a way that glitched weapons carry over into multiplayer, let us not forget clause 1, subsection A.3 of the Konami Ruins Everything law: Konami ruins everything. They will find a way.

For now, though, have you taken advantage of this glitch? If so, tell me stories of your mad science. Or, even better, post videos.

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I really want this game. People say it’s worth $60. But the plot is lacking I hear. I love a good plot :( even if this series has the most confusing plot ever I like it. I really enjoyed MGS4!