Upper lips, listen up! Entries for our Snake 'Stache Contest keep rollin' on. Don't know what the hell is going on? Click here! All will be revealed!! Reader Christopher sends this pic, adding that his stache has a stache. Yes, he's right. It does. But wait! There's a Twin Stache. Hit the jump for that.

Avajane writes: "As you can see, not only do I have a moustache, but my moustache has a moustache! Pretty good, eh?" Yep! More twin staches below.


The_Goddamn_Batman writes: "The real unifying character throughout these games is named Cancer. So I decided to dedicate my moustache to the true silent killer of MGS."

Another cig stache! Scaramouche states that out of respect for Solid Sanke's tendency to smuggle packs of smokes in his stomach, he made a 'stache

out of cigarettes. He adds, "The 'Kotaku-men.' sign is in reference to the 4chan meme of a Team Fortress 2 spy with a ton of cigs in his mouth, simply stating "Gentlemen." for those who need to lurk more."


P3nnst8r writes, "Presenting: the Bash 'Stache." THANK GAWD NO ONE SENT ANOTHER ONE.