Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's Other Big Crossover? Front Mission

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If you thought Konami and Kojima Productions' collaboration with Capcom's Monster Hunter series was a bizarre fit, you'll likely find the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker tie-in with Square Enix just slightly less weird.


Kojima Productions announced in Tokyo earlier today that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker feature some level of interactivity with Square Enix's upcoming action game Front Mission Evolved, the Double Helix developed spin-off for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Players will be able to exchange parts acquired from Peace Walker bosses in Front Mission Evolved, presumably to apply to their giant mechs or Wanzers.

How, exactly, that will work—and if it will work from PSP to Xbox 360 at all—is still unclear.

Konami and Square Enix are also partnering on a collection of Play Arts figures based on the characters and mechs from Peace Walker.


For the full and long list of corporate sponsorships and collaborations coming to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, check out our recap of the event.


bobtheduck in Korea

If this is only PSP-PS3, that will be hillarious, but the 360 has a USB port, and so does the PSP, so you can do the math about possibility.

I'm also shaking my head at the idiots who are whining about this. OH NOES! Metal gear is referencing other games, that's never [] happened [] before [] babies []