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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Goes Unexpectedly Pop

The next Metal Gear Solid game gets its most unexpected preview clip yet with the sugary sweet pop stylings of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's Paz, singing the character theme "Love Deterrence." Can't say we saw this one coming.


No, it's not that kind of pop, but it's just as cloyingly sweet, feeling a little more appropriate for Konami's Dance Dance Revolution series than a Metal Gear game. But, hey, this is Hideo Kojima's production and he can do whatever he wants.


If this is your cup of tea, musically, you can grab singer Nana Mizuki's "Love Deterrence" on the Heaven's Divide maxi-single CD.

Thanks for the heads up, Witz!

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Seems like the Metal Gear Solid games become more and more JAPAN with each game.

That's not a good thing if you want to maintain the huge fanbase in the US.

Metal Gear Solid 3, admittedly, took it a step back and MGS4 tried to negate its JAPAN-ness with its Western-style controls but that's just not enough.

I hated it when they added Jpop to my Final Fantasy (FFX-2) and Street Fighter (SFIV) and I hate it here just the same.